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So you missed the first one... well, you had to be pretty bloody quick!

But never fear, this one is better and brighter... We will have some new dishes for the night, we will also be discovering all the "unusual wines" (the ones you don't normally see on your standard wine list) from across Australia and the World, and you will be hosted by the fabulous BJ, from Merchant Wines (which BTW i'm pretty sure he sleeps with a couple of bottles of wines due to his overriding passion to drink all things good - but we still love you BJ)!

So don't sit too long in the "i'm not sure, let me think about it stage", because I'm pretty sure by the time you would have decided.. the tickets will be gone  :(

Love you. See you on the 14th.

Oh Yeah Baby .. .It's back!

You want to learn something new?  And potentially create something for your family/friend or partner for Christmas ... instead of buying!!! (insert absolutfucklinglutely here)...

Our last "Wine and Twine" last was an absolute success and everyone's masterpiecewas so different from the next person's, it was truly awesome to see and watch.  It's a perfect setting and one that I know you will thoroughly enjoy... so come bask with us on Sunday and enjoy the splendors of what you can create, with your very own hands!

I love laughing!

It's ridiculous, when you have someone laughing and then 2 seconds later your laughing and then you become a little out of control but your absolutely fucking loving it... are you hearing me sis and bros?? Introducing laughter wellness!!... sounds a bit outside the norm (which I absolutely love!), but in essence we all come together, we do some low intensity games and exercises, then with some gentle breathing and stretching, creating a fun space where laughter starts intentionally but soon becomes genuine and contagious!!! (the best part!)

We will also be joyous fed with vegan delights after.. and a drink if you wish... so it is a perfect Saturday lunch delight!

Bring your friend, your friends friend, and then your friends, friend, friend... and lets see what magical moments we can create...and lets have some fun!

Full Moon Celebration please!

I love the mysteries of the full moon!  And the energies!  A get-together of all things cosmic... of like minded individuals delving into the wonderous world of the unknown.  You will be delighted with one-on-one Tarot Card readings or Angel Card Readings.. and then a 6 month Astrology Forecast by the Awesome Crystal Gaze! OMG... it is going to be so out-side-the-box!!
And then to top it off you will be welcomed with a champagne on arrival, enchanted with a cosmic dessert creation by the taste bud sensation of Ashleigh the Head Chef, as well as the normal exquisite food of You Came Again... are you still waiting to visit us??   Do I need to say any more!??

Limited to 27 tickets only.  Some fun is about to begin.

the Location

Located in the hippest part of Brisbane, West End, You Came Again invites you to explore a new culinary experience, accompanied with some pretty fancy cocktails and bangin decor to make your night out... something a little different and a little bit special from the rest...

Mon - Thurs 4:00pm to 10:00pm

Fri - Sun 12:00pm to 10:00pm




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